Mission Statement

Zooography reconnects people with wildlife by introducing you to Animals from Around the World… wild, exotics as well as native. The Zooography’s Animals serve as ambassadors for their wild cousins: Looking at a Capuchin Monkey or an American Alligator in the eye for the first time will forever change your outlook. You are more likely to become invested in these species after you meet them and learn about their inherent value. We especially wish to encourage and help sustain the curiosity and interest of children.You help protect what you know. We hope to instill respect for animal life and to change attitudes toward the inevitable interaction of people with wild, exotic, and native animals. We believe that educating the public will encourage and promote conservation by increasing understanding of the importance of preserving complete natural communities close to where we live and in distant places around the world, and introducing the next generation to the importance of protecting rare species that they may otherwise have never heard of—is a noble cause. As a nonprofit organization, we are proud of our mission, our goals, and the community that supports them.

I have been around animals my whole life, since I was a little girl I’ve always loved all animals wild, domestic, native and exotic and could not live life without them… I have trained protection dogs, rehabbed animals, worked with zoos, bred animals, and trained animals for shows and movies. I know there are lots of kids, and adults alike that have not seen an animal up close, some have not experienced the love from animals that I have been blessed to experience. My dream is to encourage everyone I can about the importance of animals in and around our homes, and how to better the place in which they live and allow me to share what I have learned and love about them.