School Programs

Live animal and reptile shows for schools.

Zooography offers a wide range of in-school programs that are interactive educational presentations, customized to the student’s age and interest. Our programs are fun, innovative and can even be designed to enhance specific SOL curricula. We strive to educate and inspire our audiences so they come to appreciate the wonders of wildlife and their natural habitats.

Each of our presentations are specifically tailored to the children’s age and grade level. Your students will learn about a number of interesting species from around the world. We also provide them with unique opportunities to get up-close with a variety of reptiles, mammals, and birds native and exotic. Throughout our educational program, we explore many interesting facts about these incredible creatures. Topics such as “how does an animal’s color help it to survive” are discussed. Students will learn to recognize some animals that have warning, attracting, and camouflage colors. Your class will also learn terms such as carnivore and herbivore while observing the many different kinds of animals we bring.

Zooography is fully licensed and insured. Our company is staffed with caring professionals that are experienced in animal handling and education. Many schools already know how easy and economical it is to have a traveling animal program come to them. Our presentations are completely flexible and self contained. They can be held in a classroom, assembly or in an appropriate outdoor educational site.

Pricing and Details

  • Our live animal and reptile shows for classes up to 30 students start at $250. Please call for pricing if you are having a larger assembly
  • Reduced rates available for multiple shows per week or on the same day
  • Additional fees apply for distances beyond 30 miles of travel
  • Each presentation lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • A professional handler will bring at least 4 large animals for the presentation and set up a table with some unique props and other small animals in cages
  • Zooography is fully insured

Helpful Requirements

  • A secured (no children in the area), easy access loading area.
  • We ask that the seating area be at least 8 feet back from presentation area. A center aisle is very helpful.