Up Coming Events

September 3rd Private Party

September 4th Hampton Roads Retile Show 9-3:30

September 4th Private Party

September 11th Private Party

September 12th Special Needs Friends Program

September 15th Retirement Home

September 17th Private Party

September 18th Tractor Supply Chesapeake 11-5

September 24th Virginia Beach Pet Expo 10-6 We are the critter feature come see us!!

September 25th Virginia Beach Pet Expo 11-4 We are the critter feature come see us!!

September 29th Neptune’s Festival 12-11

October 1st Neptune’s Festival 10-11

October 2nd Neptune’s Festival 11-6

October 8th Lemmata Fall Festival Hampton

October 15th Private Party

October 16th Bark in the Park

October 20th Retirement Home

November 17th Retirement Home

November 18th Private Party

November 19th Private Party

December 8th Retirement Home

December 17th American Reef and Reptile Expo 9-5

December 22nd Private Party

December 23rd Private Party


January 16th Retirement home

February 20th Retirement home

March 4th Private party

March 13th Retirement home

April 9th Private Party

April 10th Retirement home

May 8th Retirement home

May 13th Private Party

May 14th Private party

June 12th Retirement home

June 17th Private party

June 18th Private party